"You are only as good as what those who observe and evaluate you honestly say you are."

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Comments from past sessions:

  • "This is a PREMIER LEARNING EVENT, well organized, a reaching-out, spirited environment, students are JOB #1" JC, MC, BS...NBA Senior Staff Guests
  • "Even better than my first year of attendance, so glad I recommended three others to attend with me in this class" EB...Georgia
  • "Had the school recommended to me, I checked out the STRIPES website (www.stripesuniversity.com) and WOW, put my registration in immediately!" IC...Vermont
  • "Three of us came from CANADA, we had one great experience, we'll be back and bringing others with us...How about a STRIPES branch opening up in Ottawa?" WH, SQ, AR...Canada
  • "An NBA staff member gave me his email address and said 'Stay in touch' concerning questions or comments I may have on BB officiating...PRICELESS!" RD...Ohio
  • "I was given so much to 'work-on'...I know I will be better when I return for the 2013 session." RH...North Carolina, BW...Beijing, China
  • "The Stripes staff was fantastic and by far the best school I have ever attended." EB...Georgia
  • "My third year and it just keeps getting better." ML...New Hampshire
  • "I will return to STRIPES 2012 from my home in Alaska without a second thought." JH...Alaska
  • "I may have been a bit more experienced than other class members, but the feedback and constructive critique was OUTSTANDING." JP...Georgia
  • "In short, it was a great camp and very good level of ball and an unbeatable value." BB...Oregon
  • "It was an awesome experience & I am grateful for all the observations to help better my game." ES...Tennessee
  • "This was the BEST camp I went to all summer with regard to organization and instruction received." DA...South Carolina
  • "Tremendous! This is one word I will use to describe the camp. I met wonderful people and the staff was incredibly down to earth." RO...Ohio
  • "It's great that we are still receiving updates on Stripes University, this is definitely a part of the experience that one does not receive from camps. In addition, I made the varsity level this season on my High School Board." TG...CT
  • "I would like very much to attend Stripes next summer. I work High School, JUCO and NAIA and have put my Stripes training in use always looking forward to next year." KC...GA
  • "This School will be one of the top referee learning opportunities in the country because of the HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF." ML...New Hampshire
  • "When I sat down after the School week-end and began to realize the info I received ... it was GREAT and HELPFUL and I have been officiating for 8 years" TL...Connecticut
  • "I'll be back and I'm bringing three others with me, They have nothing close to the teaching and learning environment where I come from" FD...Milan, Italy
  • "The best Ref School bargain on the market anywhere. I had to see it to believe...NBA/WNBA and Top College Refs...HELPING ME!" KC...Georgia

News from past sessions:

  • Staff appointments to the NBDL-NBA Minor League offered to two STRIPES Class of 2012 members
    Congratulations to: Gediminas Petraitis of Germantown, MD and Jason Goldenberg of Atlanta, GA
  • STRIPES staff member Marat Kogut officiates OLYMPICS prelim games
  • Numerous Class of 2012 members and STRIPES alumni offered tryouts with the BIG EAST, A-10, PATRIOT and IVY League
  • Joey Crawford, Mike Callahan and Bennet Salvatore (NBA Finals Officials) provide "ON-COURT" instruction/evaluation for STRIPES class members
  • 21 members of previous classes/alumni are accepted for the Class of 2012
  • Dan Caless appointed to ECAC men's basketball staff also attended NBDL tryout
  • Paul Carter appointed Director of Officials - Premier BB League
  • Bei Wang - student from China attended
  • 16 members of previous classes in attendance
  • Joe Borgia, VP, NBA BB Officiating Operations spent a day observing/commenting
  • Scott Foster, NBA Finals Officials led Stripes Staff of Clinicians
  • Larry Last, ECAC Men's Basketball Officiating Supervisor visited
  • Josh Tiven, STRIPES Staff member appointed to NBA Staff.
  • Josh Hersz appointed to Eastern PA JUCO Staff
  • Ryan O-Lear appointed to MID-SOUTH CONFERENCE Staff.
  • Paul Raymond selected for Collegiate Basketball Officials Assn - CBOA
  • Class of 2009 referee Matt Lavigne, Manchester, New Hampshire, invited to attend NBA Summer Draft Camp - Las Vegas for an NBDL tryout- all expenses paid.
  • JEFF SMITH, Stripes U. Staff Member has been assigned as a referee for the 2009 WNBA ALL-STAR Game - JUL 25th at Mohegan Sun Arena
  • Timing Staff: Tom Weston, Jim Fleming and Dave Boland selected to handle clock operations for the WNBA All-Star game 8/25/09.
  • Class of 2009 referee Mike Medina has been appointed to the Men's Collegiate Basketball Association Roster (CBOA) for the coming basketball season.
  • Class of 2009 referee Tom Leahy has been promoted to D-2 collegiate basketball staff ECAC


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